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Once Too Scared To Speak, Now I Won't Shut Up

Growing up a painfully shy child, Nwanyibuife was once nicknamed “the one who does not speak” by a teacher. She held that identity for years until she finally got sick and tired of letting it stop her from living the life she wanted, and started speaking up in her life, work, and relationships. As a result, Nwanyibuife now manages multi-country projects, leads cross-cultural teams, and speaks at global conferences.

In this book, Nwanyibuife shares the framework she uses to deliver great speeches at conferences, which anyone reading the book can use to become a better public speaker; at work, at conferences, at school, and in relationships.

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I found this book inspiring, informative and very practical. As someone who can also identify with gripping social anxiety when delivering speeches, I really enjoyed the way Nwanyibuife laid out an identifiable process that can be applied in a logical format to help eliminate some of the self doubt. The use of humor and personal examples in this book helped me feel like I am not alone in overcoming the struggle of public speaking; there is light at the end of this tunnel! I will definitely be putting the tips to use. Thank you for a great read!

Stephanie Sasse

Coordinator, Strategic Portfolio Management (U.S. Government)

I loved reading this book! It was straightforward and really helped me to understand how I can improve on preparing for a speech and like the author said, the ‘practice’ step should not be taken for granted. I am in the process of becoming more vocal so I was looking for information to help me formulate a plan on how to do so. I appreciate the format Nwanyibuife provided and will put it into practice.

Shande Missick

Virtual Assistant

I love that the author started with a personal story and continued to make personal references throughout the book. Her breakdown of the winning process to speech delivery is really helpful and one I will use when preparing to give public speeches. I also love that she mentioned dealing with Imposter Syndrome. As someone who has battled with it myself, I’m thankful she shared the secret to overcoming it! Overall, reading the book felt like I was in a conversation with Nwanyibuife. It was easy, clear, full of humor and straight to the point. Thank you Nwanyibuife for sharing your valuable experience with me!

Tobi Mbaya

Project Manager and Early Childhood Educator

I really loved this guide! Really helpful steps to present a good speech. I love how the author talked about storytelling and sharing your personal experiences to relate to the audience and make them feel good. I also loved how she talked about having the right mindset before going on stage and how to gain the confidence to present your speech by preparing and practicing it because this is what I struggle with the most. Thank you for the guide, I will look back at it every time I have to speak to the public and really share my message across to the audience!

Yozemith Rico


This book is an ingenious and insightful read. It is very bold, imaginative and refreshing. I love the flow. The outlines, clarity of thoughts and transitory processes leading up to closure were eloquently rehearsed and worthy of emulation. Nwanyibuife’s ability to draw from her personal experiences and successful storylines makes the entire work special and different. The book is an inspiration for prospective public speakers in the art of speech making.

Amb. Emmanuel Obiako ​

Former Nigerian Ambassador to Portugal


Nwanyibuife Adaeze Ugwoeje is a project management specialist and public speaker with over ten years of experience managing and executing healthcare, education and tech projects.

She loves to speak on leading as an introvert, building high-performance teams, the intersection between technology and social inclusion, and women’s empowerment.

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